Soft Washing / Pressure Washing Drive & Sealing

Here at Place Lift Services, we offer a variety of professional cleaning services for residential and commercial purposes throughout South Wales and Bristol.


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Drive & Sealing Services

There are many types of driveway surfaces across the UK and like any external surface, a driveway will soon look dirty if left to deteriorate without any aspect of maintenance taking place.
Our driveway cleaners across will always pre-treat a driveway first prior to pressure cleaning. This is vitally important to ensure any oil or diesel stains are removed and any moss or algae growth is killed off before the driveway is pressure washed.

Reliable, Affordable & Professional

We are Power Wash and Sealing Service specialists offering a fast and professional service, both domestically and commercially to completely restore your driveway and patio to their original condition. Our professional team will expertly clean your driveway or patio. Removing all stains, moss, and algae, repair any sunken paving and loose pointing, and replace jointing sand.

At Place Lift Services we offer Soft Washing / Pressure Washing Drive & Sealing services throughout South Wales & Bristol.  We always take care when cleaning as we believe in going above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

Professional Cleaners

When we attend to carry out professional driveway cleaning service or patio cleaning service on your property you can be confident that we are using high specification, jet washing, and pressure washing equipment. Our pressure washing machines are highly specialized pieces of cleaning apparatus and will eradicate the dirt, grim and organic growth on your driveway. Paired with our specialist blend of liquid cleaning solutions we will blast away any algae, moss or weeds and neutralize any Stains. Our cleaning products are safe for all types of Stone, Brick, Wood to ensure that your driveway, patio, and any other flooring floor will be left clean in a safe way.

Fast Service

Our professional cleaners are available from Mon-Sat offering their expert cleaning services throughout Bristol & SOuth Wales

High Quality

We ensure we provide you with the best cleaning service possible. At Place Lift Service we belive in going above and beyond our customers expecations.

Professional & Reliable

We have a highly skilled team of cleaners who have the tools and experience to provide you with the professional services you require.

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