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Here at Place Lift Services, we offer a variety of professional cleaning services for residential and commercial purposes throughout South Wales and Bristol.

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Full-Service Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether you require our window cleaning services or our gutter cleaning services you can be rest assured our professional cleaners will give you the best possible service on hand. At Place Lift Services, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond customer’s expectations. 

Trusted & Experienced

We have a team of professional cleaners who have been working with us for 30 years. We offer a reliable cleaning service to all our customers.

Affordable & Cost-Effective

We ensure all our prices are affordable, cost-effective, and tailored to your needs.

Reliable & Fully Insured

When working with Place Lift Services you can ensure your place would be in the safest of hands.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

When using our professional services before we leave we ensure our customers are fully satisfied with our work.

Professional, Affordable & Reliable

At Place Lift Services, we provide a soft washing service as well as pressure washing. Soft washing is a safe and very effective low-pressure cleaning method. It allows cleaning and sanitizing from the safety of the ground or a platform using low pressure equipment that will effectively clean and sanitize exterior surfaces with soft washing chemicals.

Soft washing allows us to safely treat and remove organic matter: mildew, bacteria, algae, fungus, moss, lichens in addition to dirt, grime, and spiderwebs safely with no harm done to your property. 

Other Services

Window Cleaning

Our window cleaners leave the windows and glass in your home, office, or premises sparkling. 

Soft Washing drive and sealing

Our specialists offer a fast and professional service, to completely restore your driveway and patio to their original condition.

Gutter Cleaning & Cleaning

Our fully insured gutter cleaning operatives can safely clear your gutters of leaves, moss, and general debris.

Conservatory & Window Cleaning

Conservatories come in many different forms, our cleaners have plenty of experience with each type.

Pressure Washing drive and Sealing

Our highly skilled cleaners offer a pressure washing as well as soft washing drive and sealing cleaning service throughout Bristol & South Wales

Soft Washing Roof & Walls

We will provide you with a reliable, professional cleaning service, that helps create a welcoming atmosphere for your visitors and supports a productive working environment for your staff. 

Professssional Cleaning Services

Why not do what thousands of satisfied clients have already done by contacting Place Lift Services to hire one of our professional cleaners. You will receive high-quality,  affordable cleaning services tailored to your precise needs.  Leaving you free to focus on your business activities,  with peace of mind that your cleaning is in expert hands.

  • Reliable & Fully Insured
  • Affordable & Cost-effective
  • Professional & Experienced
  • Trustworthy
  • Satisfaction Guranteed

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